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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to A+ (A+ 4 Real)
 9  Chapter 1: What are Operating Systems and How Do They Work?
      9  Operating System Features
           9  The Keyboard

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The Keyboard
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The “Three Finger Salute”
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The Tab Key

The TAB key is another accelerator key that enables faster keyboard navigation. It also serves one vital function; if the mouse hardware device fails, the tab key provides a secondary means of menu navigation until the mouse can be repaired or replaced.

Each time the tab key is pressed, the focus (a dotted rectangle or blue highlight signifies this) moves onto a new item. This item can be a button, icon or menu option. To emulate double clicking on the selected item, press the return key. Figure 17 shows a standard message (dialog) box.

Figure 17: Typical Dialog Box


Note that the “Yes” button has a dotted rectangle around it. This indicates that it currently holds the input focus – pressing the return key now would cause the same result as clicking the “Yes” button, namely the folder would be deleted. Pressing tab once will move the input focus to the next item, in this case, the “No” button.

Figure 18: Tab Key Switches Button Focus


Table 2 shows some Tab key accelerator combinations:

Table 2: Tab Key and Related Shortcuts




Clicks the selected button/icon


Move forward through options


Move backward through options


Move forward through Tabs


Move backward through Tabs

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The Keyboard
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The “Three Finger Salute”
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