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Table Of Contents  CertiGuide to A+ (A+ 4 Real)
 9  Chapter 4: Diagnosing and Troubleshooting in the Windows OS
      9  Troubleshooting Utilities

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Troubleshooting Utilities
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Creating a Boot Floppy

There are several ways to create a boot floppy or startup disk. In fact there are at least 4 ways. The most common one is to go to Add/Remove Programs Properties and then choose the Startup Disk tab, and then choose create disk.

Figure 325: The Create Startup Disk Tab


The Second method is to create a disk through Windows explorer. Go to Explorer, then right-click on the floppy or A drive, then choose Format.

Figure 326: Exporing and Formatting the A: Drive


When the Format window appears choose the Copy system files only option. Be sure and have a floppy disk in the drive before you start the process, including trying to right-click on the A drive in Explorer.

Figure 327: Formatting A: with System Files


If we type Format a:/s at the run command, by going to start key then choosing Run type in the command. The screen shown in Figure 328 will appear.

Figure 328: Formatting Drive A: From the Command Prompt


The next method is similar. We type in format a:/s at a MS-DOS which then gives us a pop up screen with the MS-DOS prompt.

Figure 329: Formatting a System Disk from the Command Prompt


Use SYS.com (drive letter): to transfer systems files to a disk which has already been formatted. You don’t need to explicitly use SYS on a newly-formatted disk if you have already formatted it with the /S, since the /S option on format automatically runs SYS.

Create a formatted system disk by right clicking on the Drive in Windows Explorer:

  • From the Control Panel Select Add/Remove Programs, Startup Disk

  • From My Computer right click on the Drive to format

Note: Transferring system files is always optional

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Troubleshooting Utilities
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